Maybe you are an artist who created images and published your content on the web. And then you find those images are used from other 3rd parties without letting you know? This is so-called “copyright infringement“.

reverse image search for copyright infringement

Or maybe you are belonging to a company and want to know if your precious copyrighted corporate identity graphics are used only by your own company and no one else?

Then you should really do an extensive reverse image search on those photos you own! Please use all of the methods listed here on this site, especially of course the Google Reverse Image Search feature, and also the TinEye Software.

But there is more! You can add your images to ImageWiki, “The world’s photo identification database”, to make sure that those images are yours and to see who violates the use of them. This service has been established in 2014, with the aim to “working to compensate photographers and businesses for unlicensed uses on the web”. Worth a visit!